Turkey Neck

Best treatments for turkey neck?

Turkey neck or loose neck happens to us all. The neck will divulge your age. Maybe you’ve already tried neck-tightening exercises, expensive neck firming creams or a neck firming tape? If so, you know that the improvements are negligible to null.

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Turkey Neck

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Why do people get turkey neck?

“Turkey neck” is a rather unglamorous term for wrinkled, sagging skin on the neck, which is a common side effect of aging. It occurs when your neck muscles begin weakening and your skin loses its elasticity, or ability to stretch and stay tight. Factors such as genetics, extreme weight loss, collagen and elastin breakdown and sun exposure can affect how your neck ages. Most people notice neck skin beginning to significantly sag and wrinkle around the age of 40. This loose skin is commonly referred to as turkey neck. You can choose to accept it. You can try to hide it with scarves and turtlenecks. Or you can visit Redeem Medispa and get an effective treatment.

Treat turkey neck

If you are serious about losing the loose, wrinkled neck skin its time to consider turkey neck solutions that an expert at Redeem Medispa can offer. We have the solution for you loose and wrinkled neck. At Redeem Medispa we offer various solutions for turkey neck. Ranging from non-invasive treatments to surgery.



High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a therapy, which will lift and tighten skin causing a Non-Surgical lifting and tightening for the neck.

This revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic procedure uses ultrasound rays to firm the skin. The ultrasound rays reach the deeper part of the skin to tighten and prevent from sagging.

Highly concentrated ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The Redeem Medispa HIFU neck treatment takes about 30 minutes. It is a comfortable lunch time treatment with zero downtime! It is also not painful as no part of the skin is cut. This very convenient treatment at Redeem Medispa with long-term results. On average 1-2 treatments required!

After the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities. Book your free consultation at info@redeemmedispa.com today!

*Individual results vary.

*Individual results may vary.

RF Skin Tightening

At Redeem Medispa we also offer Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment. This treatment works by mobilizing collagen fibres into action so the skin can regain its elasticity and form. This is a non-invasive procedure. The area is cleansed, then you have a gel applied, and the procedure starts where a probe is glided over your skin.

This skin tightening treatment uses radio frequency technology to heat the deepest layers of skin and increases the production of collagen. This improves the skin laxity and tightens loose skin. It softens out wrinkles. The results are more instant and sometimes this treatment is combined with the HIFU therapy for optimal results. The best course of treatment will be discussed at initial consultation at Redeem Medispa with our experts.


Treatment is very pleasant with a warm sensation and no pain. There is no downtime and makeup can be applied straight after.


Results are visible immediately and will keep improving over the next 3-6 months. The skin will appear tighter, plumper and more even toned skin. A series of treatments are required. This will be discussed at your consultation. It is based on age and lifestyle.

*Individual results vary.


Occasionally Botox is another option for neck wrinkles. It’s non-invasive and requires no recovery time. Results last about 3 to 4 months, and repeated injections are necessary to maintain firm skin.

Surgeries that treat turkey neck

Surgical procedures for neck is another option offered via our Plastic Surgeon at Redeem Medispa. Usually recommended with extreme loose skin.

What is the outlook for someone who has turkey neck?

The outlook for someone with turkey neck is dependent on which type of treatment or treatments that suits your needs.

If you’re concerned about your turkey neck, come in and talk to our experts. Explore your options and enhance your beauty!

Non Surgical


During my early twenties I suffered from a horrible outbreak of cystic acne. Most of it consisted around my jawline, cheeks and temples. It hasn’t been until recently I started noticing that the scars left behind were getting increasingly noticeable.. particularly around my temples and the skin seemed to look “sunken” in. Part of it is due to aging and the other losing weight. The worst part that I felt was makeup made it look worse as after a few hours it would sink in and enhance them further. After my first fractional I noticed a minor improvement -lightening of these scars in terms of colour and only a mild softening. After my second fractional I noticed more smoother scaring however wanted to see more of a change with the skin around my temples..the change I could only see with pictures.
I recently just had my third fractional and there is a huge difference! The scars are much lighter and look less hollow..the ones around my temples finally seem to be leveling out and overall my complexion is more brighter and even!
Thank you. My skin B4 l came for the treatment was very pigmented and dark spots around my lips. After the treatment of microdermabrasion and fractional my skin looks great. My scars are light, the dark spots are diminishing slowly. I got so many compliments from my co-workers on how great my skin looks. I’m so glad l decided to go for the treatment. Thanks Redeem staff for making me look young and beautiful. They are great and very friendly. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.

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