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Acne treatment

Skin problems like acne can be very upsetting and can even ruin lives. There are lots of different creams, tablets and remedies out there that can help to minimize the appearance of spots and blemishes – with varying degrees of success. One treatment that does seem to work on 80% of acne is the blue light based method.

*Individual results may vary.

How does Blue Light Acne Treatment Work?

To answer this you first need to understand what causes acne in the first place. Acne occurs when your body produces too much of the male hormone androgen (that is in fact present in men and women). Androgen is responsible for making increased levels of oil (sebum) to be produced by your sebaceous gland which in turn can cause the pores in your skin to get blocked. These blocked pores stop the oil rising to the skin’s surface making it susceptible to bacteria feeding on the oil and causing the inflammation and spots.

IPL acne treatment systems work by creating oxygen that rapidly eliminates the bacteria that feeds the blocked pores, which is the main source of most acne and inflammation.

IPL systems have undergone clinical trials to ensure they are safe and effective to use but it is worth noting the Blue Light acne treatment is not effective for all acne types. To determine your eligibility for IPL blue light book your free skin analysis at Redeem Medispa, where you can determine your best course of action for your acne.

Many people have had great, life-changing success with this method so it is worth trying the treatment.

Acne Treatment with Laser Lights, Harmony XL from Alma Lasers

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My acne was was considerable and I would never go out without makeup, but after the first month of IPL blue light at Redeem Medispa I felt confident enough to spend the day with no make up. It really has made a difference, I was sceptical at first but so glad l tried it. The staff at Redeem were very supportive and also advised me on my home care routine. I would recommend that you give it a try.


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