• FDA approved and 272 diodes
  • DA VINCI 10 DAILY SERUM is an incredibly effective daily solution for skin rejuvenation due to its powerful combination of 5 different types of growth factor proteins. da Vinci 10 has a growth factor concentration of 10,000 ng/ml.
  • FACTOR G6 is an incredibly effective solution for thinning hair due to its powerful combination of 6 different types of Growth Factor Proteins. Factor G6 has a growth factor concentration of 21,000ng/ml.
  • Gentle Shampoo is SLS, DEA & paraben-free. It easily lathers and gently cleans your hair without harsh chemicals and is safe for every day use.
  • Scalp Therapy breaks up and dissolves sebum (which clogs hair follicles), enabling more targeted absorption with topical stimulators.
  • Stimulating conditioner for both your hair and scalp health. Vitamin Plus Conditioner provides increased performance, when coupled with our complete line of hair care products.
  • HLCC® Scripts Complete is a 3 in 1 herbal supplement with 8 potent DHT Fighting ingredients to help fight DHT, which can adversely affect your hair follicles and overall hair health. This unique formula also includes the complete nourishment your hair needs to thrive optimally and a natural marine concentrate (MGC) proven safe and effective for both men and women of all ethnicities. What makes this 3 in 1 herbal supplement unique?
    • 8 DHT fighting ingredients
    • Complete Hair Nutritional
    • MGC™ (Marine Complex)
    NOT RECOMMENDED for those with shellfish allergies or those who are zinc intolerant.