Redeem Laser Helmet

Redeem Laser Helmet

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FDA approved and 272 diodes

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Hands-free operation allows the user to carry out other tasks during treatment. Utilizes 80 proprietary lasers to generate over 440 joules and treats the full scalp area at 678nM. Includes one Redeem™ laser helmet, charging cradle / AC charger, protection bag and the mobile app.Suggested treatment is 20-minutes every other day.

Low level laser hair loss therapy is now recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for most forms of hair loss, including male and female baldness. It is suitable for anybody who is in early stages of thinning. During the treatment the diodes omit a specific wavelength and frequency of light, delivering low level light therapy to the hair follicles. You do not feel anything and a session takes approximately 20 minutes*. Repeated treatments are required for an extended period of time for full benefit.

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